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Net Wrap

Sila Grow Net Wrap

Plastic mesh Bale Wrap is quickly becoming an attractive alternative to twine in the wrapping of round hay bales. This soft white netting reduces wrap time, by only requiring 11/2 to 2 revolutions to wrap, means more bales per hour, less wear and tear on equipment than traditional twine wrapping. Without twine to collect rain, water penetration and spoilage is reduced by up to 50%. This reduction in spoil will more than pay for the cost of the netting! The smooth netting improves leaf retention and can be used in conjunction with stretch film. When ready to feed, film and netting are removed together as one, with no fear of lost ends.

Size & Packaging

  • 48″x3000m, 51″x3000m, 64″x2000m
  • 16R/Skid