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Hay Tarps

Sila Grow Hay Tarps

  • Silver on the outside to reflect light, black on the inside to prevent greenhousing.
  • Super tough 6.1 oz/sq. yd, UVI treated coated fabric gives 3-5 years of use.
  • Eyelets and webbing set into five layers of fabric, giving about 500 lbs. of pull strength.


  • Heavy reinforced super tough poly fabric has 200 lb./in. tensile strength.
  • Special treatment for outdoor life.
  • Beware of inferior fabrics.
  • Rope is encased in the hem and a spur eyelet is set into five layers of material to give 500 lbs. of pull per eyelet. Webbing gives 535 lbs. per loop strength.
  • Silver/Grey on outside to reflect light and black on the inside to prevent greenhousing.
  • Versatile hem is designed for both pipe insertion and other conventional systems like rope, spiral and pins.


  • 18’x48′, 20’x48′, 23’x48′, 25’x48′, 25’x33′, 24’x48′, 25’x54′, 28’x48′, 33’x48′
  • 8 oz/sq. Yd tarps available
  • Customized tarps available