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Silage Bags

AT Films Inc.

Silage bags are an economical alternative to other silage storage systems, such as pits and silos when related harvest and storage losses are considered. Silage bags allow you to store your silage anywhere you need it. In most cases a well graded and drained ground surface is all that is necessary. Silage bags are white on outside to reflect heat and black on inside to prevent light transmission. Hard to puncture, break, stretch, or tear, bags have an 24 months warranty from manufacturers defects - best on the market.

Available in

  • Diameters: 8', 9', 10', 11', 12', 14'
  • Gauge: 8, 9
  • Lengths: up to 500'
Silage Bags

Lastic Tube

Lastic Tubes are designed to provide the fastest, most economical, convenient, and reliable way to produce baled silage. The Lastic-Tube system is developed around AT Films Inc. exclusive "stretch tube with a memory" design. This specially formulated polyethylene film automatically shrinks down tight against the bale, eliminating oxygen and creating an ideal environment for fermentation. Handles 4' and 5' round bales as well as some medium and large square bales. Tubes are white on outside to reflect heat, black on inside to prevent light transmission. High tear and puncture resistance, with UV stabilized to withstand 12 months exposure under normal conditions of use.

Available in

  • Thickness: 4mm
  • Sizes: 73"x150', 73"x220', 82"x150', 82"x220', 87"x150', 87"x220'
Lastic Tubes

Bale Tubes

Bale Tubes are tri-extruded tubes with two layers of white film on the outside to reflect heat and one layer of black film on the inside to provide up to 100% opacity. The bale tube is manufactured using the same technology as the Silage Bag and creates an oxygen deprived environment ideal for the fermentation of baled forages. Canadian Made.

Available in

  • Thickness: 5mm
  • Sizes: 91"x 100', 91"x200'
  • Additional sizes at limited availability
Bale Tubes
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